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Musaafir in Arvii is similar in meaning to the Arabic, Hindi, Persian, and Turkish word for a traveler. The word is pronounced Musaaber among some Sri Lankan Muslims.

The Arvii meaning fits the situation of numerous Sri Lankan and other Muslims in our times who live far away from the countries and environments of their birth and upbringing. The meaning is also more generally applicable. Man today, perhaps more than ever before is a traveler across the geographical spaces of the earth - uprooted, exiled, and seemingly always on the go; born in one place, resident somewhere else, often not really certain where his end will be. 

In the world, we are sometimes hosts. Sometimes we are travelers and pilgrims, and others are hosts.

Man also traverses many inner spaces and worlds, as he always has. 

Maria Zambrano captures this reality of human experience:
"Man's search for his place in the universe consists of his passing through various zones, of journeying, in the sense of having to cross numerous thresholds; and this is possible only through a very profound transformation, one that must come from the very center of his being."

(1966. In G. E. von Grunebaum and Roger Caillois Ed. The dream and human societies).

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